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Helping The People Who Help You

Founded in 2010 by Chairman, Simon Dale, Leicestershire & Rutland 4x4 Response is a registered charity made up of volunteers who utilise their own vehicles and equipment to provide assistance to the emergency services and community in times of severe weather or disaster. Our members come from all walks of life, but all have two things in common; we all drive 4x4's and are ready to help when the call comes. Our members are unpaid but are still happy to be of service to the community. If you would like to make a donation to enable us to continue to provide these services to the community of Leicestershire and Rutland you can do so via our PayPal Account

Our Services

We provide a network of volunteers with well equipped 4 wheel drive vehicles that are able to respond to situations likely to cause danger to the general public.


We could be called upon to transport NHS staff in and out of work, or doctors to a remote property, if they are unable to make it themselves.

Flood Assistance

We may also be called to help maintain road closures during times of bad weather. As part of this, we may be required to assist in the recovery of stranded vehicles.

iCare Meals

During periods of severe weather, we may be required to assist in the transport of meals for iCare.


Our group annually provides marshalling for one of the largest cycle races in the UK, the Rutland to Melton CiCLE Classic.


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