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Joining as a member

Do you own a car with 4 Wheel Drive but not necessarily want to go off road with it? We cater for everything from all wheel drive estates to vans and beyond.

Our Volunteers keep essential services to Leicestershire and Rutland moving in times of Major Incidents and Adverse weather.


We provide a network of volunteers with well equipped 4 wheel drive vehicles that are able to respond to situations likely to cause danger to the general public.

Becoming an official member of a 4×4 Response charity can be a rewarding and sometimes challenging role, On being accepted as a member, you will be issued with a branded high visibility vest, branded polo shirt, photo ID card and stickers.

There is currently an annual charge of £20 per annum for membership and a one off joining fee of £30 – these can be paid by cheque made payable to Leicestershire and Rutland 4×4 Response, by cash in person or you can use Paypal to send the fee online to: Paypal account please mark the payment as a gift and include your name to help identify the payment.


You may choose to join either as a Support Member or Responder:

Responder – A person who legally owns, insures and is licensed to drive a 4×4 vehicle, and is covered as a volunteer under the correct Leicestershire and Rutland 4×4 Response volunteer insurance and has passed the initial driving assessment (this is an assessment of your knowledge of your vehicle, equipment, driving ability and willingness to drive in adverse conditions) – note – Responders are referred to in the application form as ‘operational’ members.

Support Member – A person who wishes to support the group either by helping at events, in the running of the charity or even by being trained to be a controller to dispatch and control those Responders when attending emergencies. fees are £20 to join and £10 per year renewal


Please contact Chris, our membership manager, about joining as new member via email at