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General enquiries - 07716 113911 24hr Call out - 0116 4785 444

Who are we and what do we do?

Leicestershire and Rutland 4×4 Response is a registered charity that offers assistance to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other agencies. We are part of The National 4×4 Response UK Network and have working agreements with

Local authorities


Fire and rescue



Meals on wheels

private ambulance companies and health care providers


We have trained and insured Responders who are members of our charity who officially carry out Response work, they have the skills needed for off road/severe weather driving, First Aid, navigation and radio communication.

The team are primarily involved providing 4×4 transport in times of severe weather (snow, and floods) & other emergencies in Leicestershire and Rutland.  We transport essential personnel or supplies to areas that would be hard or impossible to reach in normal vehicles, and/or in support of local authority centres.

We provide mobile marshalling services for CiCLE classic and CiCLE women (  In 2017 were proud to be asked to provide marshalling for the Remembrance day parades in North West Leicestershire.

How do we operate in Leicestershire and Rutland ?
In times of need we operate alongside county and local councils, police & emergency services.    Any major event is coordinated by our lead controller and the resilience + Red Cross


During winter our responders are carrying out various tasks in the local community under our organisation.  We provide transport to paramedics, nurses and doctors and staff to get them to their relevant places of work, we also transport doctors and nurses on their patient rounds day or night.  Our responders have regularly been involved in assisting members of the public


As a group we also attend local and national shows, including emergency services open days as well as running training days throughout the year for our Responders.


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